Product Designer



Featured on the show Shark Tank, Spikeball is a fun new sport that's a mix between volleyball and foursquare. With over a million players in the US, the company wanted a way to engage its fanbase with a mobile app.


After talking and ideating with the Spikeball founders, we identified the main goals for the app and developed some early wireframes.


Final Designs


I added a gamification element where badges are unlocked when certain app milestones are met. This lets players get a sense for each other's skill levels and also allows for bragging rights.


In order to make games as accessible as possible, I designed a web piece so players can share games on social media with people who may not have the Spikeball app.


The app has been out for over a year and it's seeing a ton of engagement. Spikeball is looking to add additional features and enhancements going forward.